Hurricanes and Direct Marketing Campaign Issues

If your business relies on direct marketing campaigns and uses such companies as Money Mailer to send out coupons you may find yourself in a world of hurt during times of catastrophic hurricanes, which hit nearby regions. This is because the mail bunches up and your customers are not home and many have evacuated and all that mail just gets thrown out.

Most of those coupons never did get in the hands of your potential new customers. This can be a devastating blow to a small business almost as much as if the location itself were flooded end-to-end with flood damage from the hurricane. The United States Post Office says that it delivers Rain or shine and for the most part that is true, but when the mail backs up and the roads are flooded much of the mail cannot be delivered and many of those coupons fall by the wayside or those companies who mail out coupons decide not to bother to do them because they cannot get enough small businesses to advertise after a major storm.

There is really no easy way around this issue, except to know that you will need alternative marketing strategies during these time periods of rebuilding after large hurricanes like we saw during the 2005 Atlantic tropical hurricane season. It is best to plan ahead and perhaps use alternate means of marketing or have them available in case your region is hit by a large hurricane. I hope you will consider this in 2006.